West Norwood
to highlight one of today's most challenging problems: plastic pollution


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Thank you to all our supporters, we successfully completed our crowdfunder just before Christmas:


You can get in contact with the team by emailing info@plasticmountain.org

Phase one: The Mural Three groups of young peoplewill create a colourful muralin the empty shop windownext to Knowles of Norwood
294 Norwood Road – the empty shop unit between Knowles and the garage
A mural in three sections: Section 1 by The Norwood School about why plastic is bad. Section 2 created by Elmgreen School about ways we can solve the pastic problem, then section 3 by Rathbone Society youth group, illustrating a local casestudy of how to reduce plastic usage.
Part 1 - Litter pick & Timeline game: How long does it take for a PPE mask to degrade?
Part 2: Each primary school makes a small Plastic Mountain sculpture - Reflect on the role art can play in society
Part 3: The plastic mountain sculpture is placed in an outdoor space. The children witness the earth slowly eroding but the plastic remains - A visual metaphor: plastic is not part of natures cycles
Phase three: Plastic Mountain
Then, in 2022, a wooden box will appear on Norwood road, and a group of local residents will mix earth and compact it into the large box.
Passers-by will be invited to collect litter from the area and add it to the construction.
A couple of weeks later, the box will be dismantled to reveal a beautiful sculpture made of layers of earth with little hints of colour from the embedded litter.
3d visualisations of the finished sculpture on Norwood Road
But over the next two months, the earth will erode, leaving behind a ghostly metal structure covered in litter.
The Benefits: The project has two aims: 1. Create a sense of place & community for West Norwood as we emerge from the pandemic 2. Inspire and galvanise the local community to create a new way of living with plastic more in  harmony with our environment

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